Monday, November 29, 2010

Mini Tri-Prey

A Mini Vehicle. That Will Mess Up machines and its War Crime will destroy something when it shots something a thunder full of blast of guts will cause a gun fire when the jets make them at that point that will break a gun fire will make its jets change shapes everytime it shots a cloud and a funnel to make a storm shape for the jets.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fenrirr (Creature Form)

My Buddy Fenrirr. looks like a spore creature. this creature has lots of powers to destroy other things it can eat tons of meat from dead. stuff on its life Treated it has folllowing Percations to with it occering the skys and make it and kill real dog eaters it can kill anything. it will be Aggressive.

Custom Cheats Part1

Last Night i invented some up and Then Used Them and part 1 of them!
Left Right Center
*Take 20 Chips From Center
*Strickle Back Switch
*Taking 5 Turns
*Have All Spoons
*Super Speed Grab
*Capturing Spots
*Getting Back in The Game
Hallway Soccer
*Cat Kick Ball
*Take 1 Speed Up+
*Earn 99 Points when Goaled
*Lower Foes Speed Down-
*Dog In the game Killing Points
*Brisk Run
*Brisk Kick
*Take Shelter in other Rooms
*Prankster Hide
*Hard To Find
*Kill Real Dog Eaters
*Switch Turns
*Glowing Finder

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boiler Rooms

Judging from the steel plating. the Boilted Portholes. and four Black Smokers. the Boiler Rooms are probably the preferred residence of a race of extremely warm blooded creatures. The Main body is mode of a Bachelor Vat and a Bubble Fab. topped with a Balboq Roof. Verandas extend out from it. ending in bubble fabs and a Concentricle with a Charismatic balcony and a Hive Roof awning attached. inhabitants enter and exit through Pod Bay Doors inside of an Archway. with an extended Light Sphere Overlooking them.


A Spaceship that is like a hurmint crab. a sail rockets and lights and a cockpit and legs in it its like a little sea ship. on the seas.

Der Schwarzepalast

A Evil city that can set a evil castle. evil but it as downtown will have a red flag will placed as a perched evil building of the building.can have evil portals and evil have this city hall.evil doors evil windows evil connecters and evil everything anything that gets washed away from a tsunami goes to this place to keep that will be in this evil building.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rocket Shooter

A pretty ship.that can shot rockets its computer plate can load rockets and the hydroplanet helps it prevent from sinking when its on the water on floods and rivers oceans slat water and lakes so the steam comes out whens its summer or sunny and can have parts called sporespoilers are its armor and can'r get hit by storms and tornados and fires that are falling down from the air and can catach wildfires or fires falling from the sky and it can keep in its steamer and have them been taken to power up the ship. fly very good and have any driver and any thing and the label on the that and can have awsome power to power up it up as a generator.

Gun Marker

A spaceship that has lots of guns. it has tires jets and a sail and cab grip things and put it on its cargo but spaceships don't land.when the tires move they move in the air and it can't go on water.but this ship can go 7 feet down in the water and the tires move around its will have its tires flat when tires are flat still move in the air. and will shot rockets all over and destroy sighted citys and mark the ground when it may be on the ground.

Red Gate Turret

This is a kill turret and its only aloud to be on the floor. if you pick it up will attack you and if it sees a tornado on the ground behind your house or in the sir shots the tornado and if its a tsunami shots it then gives time for them to pack and makes a tsunami smaller to not will and also.any funnel cloud and anything that can destroy is a funnel cloud contains a tornado warning from coming and set tsunami shelters for there stuff and everything incoming from that stormed tornado can turn it on and set work for blue thunders.

Dark Girded

A smasher that can smash locks and smash anything it wants to smash and can be breaking errors and kill things that get steped on that giant leg thing and can prevent enemys that can have so many parts and can prevent creatures from roaring when the come respond to make like a little factroys and have cable links to put out tons of 16000.000. of wildfires on dry land it can survive fire floods tsunamis and snow to kill burglars and steal the burglers stuff and stuff they stole from you and glow in the dark and make burglars and theifs crying.

T0 Planet

Golden Orb

The Treasured gold orb that can be used in water and lava and Serks and Spiders and a Mega Beast will Attack and take the treasure and the green and blue beast will not take turns taking the golden orb and if you sell this you will get $17770.12346.000 Sporebucks and Serks can steal and eat meat in the Temple of a ancient doom and anyway if you do it in space stage this treasure will be taken to any empire when the mission is when they want it.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


A planet terraformed with 3 colonies only three and thats the terrascore of the planet and if you terraform a planet you get points.


A plaet no colonies and they expole the planet and also they can have planets and animals.


A cell that starts Gales for and makes a wirl pool and also it can laugh when its happy and proud and starts the gales from coming and going to the ocean and destroy 30000 cells that are carnivores and herbvores and onmivores and then can make it a big big flood for 50 days of the flood storm and makes gales.


A factroy with a mill and pushers to make spice and they can lower happiness. who needs to much spice? and why does factroys lower happiness? becasue they don't want to work they want to play in a entertainment building and it can effect the enviorment and the ecosystem and kill tthe fun by pushing and making some spice. and with windows in that factroy. and they have tire pushers with old tires in it to keep in the factory.

Silver Machine

A Triple or Machine Gun with Giant Guns. and it can fly its jets and lots of weapons. and with bilmp and its good at shotting fire and it sets it on fire. and they try to put out fires to make it stop working. its a awsome spaceship machine with some wires and generators inside it.

Friday, November 12, 2010


A Planet that has been for creature stage. and also thats where the creatures make there own nests.

The Grox

The Enemy that has controlled 1000 star systems and the surround the Galactic Core. however and if you know if and attack if you moved in the galaxy. attack and they can't survive in a Terraformed Planet and also and heres what badges you earn if you do something:

If you ally the Grox:You earn Dance with the Devil
Defeated the Grox:Badge Outta Heck


A builded planet with a large large hill in this planet and its pretty much designed Shaped like a werid Gear this planet will have a bunch of animals and plants and and also set a large hill has a werid gear to walk on.


This used to be The Grox Planet but the Grox got killed by that planet terraformed to T1  The Fellinora Empire colonizes another planet right behine that planet that a grox city blow up in that terraformed planet and the grox colony has been lost.


A Planet called Aegimas is the Dixie Empires Homeworld and also and they can sing in there citys is when The Grox sees the planet and They waste there ships to attack the planet and also they get in the trashed with a uber turrret here. 

Cycclaw VS Aver


The Grox Spaceship That the Grox use to expolore the unvrise and to attack its foes and in creature stage and tribal seen in space stage and everytime you move to the galactic core the grox will attack and steal animals in creature stage and it will be found in creature stage.


a grox building that can build happiness for them and can fix the happiness that also its a fun building for the grox oraginal made by maxis.

Grox Stacks

A grox factroy and it lowers happiness for the grox and it can make spice! and also are you sure that can make tones of spice in a log time?! and so always keep

set:grox don't captailez it!

Grox Sweet Grox

A grox building with and its gray with a homes and its a grox house orgainal made by maxis.

Grox Platz

This is the grox city hall and if you go capture one the groxs colonies and you can edit the buildings so the organial made by Maxis and you can find the grox vehicles in all planets.

$ ice speed booster $

A creature that speeds in water and makes ice in the water and sends Harzardious Seas frozens and freeze Gales and Tsmamis to make it speeder and also it can fight enemys underwater under all the seas.