Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gmail Logo Collect

These are the Gmail Logos I collected here is the entire pack of Gmail Logos.

Thank you for looking at this post. I will post more logos from the websites that have new Logos including YouTube


Hi Guys! Tomorrow The Google Logos Packs are coming back!!! But I'm the only one who uses this account. Please no editing my posts and labels on any post no bad mean or rude comments at any post. Are you happy there coming back? But it is almost summer! Can you believe it? Summer is a season that school is out!!! This is so fun!!! I love summer!!!! I just wanted to let you know that I made my YouTube Logo on MOP from my birthday. No mean bad or rude comments. So here is what it looks like.

I will post what I made in 2008 soon. I wanted to let you that this is gonna be fun! I hope I can find new YouTube Logos and I hope new YouTube Logos are created. I will also post 2009, and 2010 this year and I will make a 2011 one before my birthday.

This Morning's New Google Logo Pack

Good Morning! I got a new Google Logos Coming up. The pack has 6 in this pack. Here is what they all look like.

That was this mornings Pack. I'll Post 1 more in the evening.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Notes

Happy Memorial Day!! I did not get a YouTube Logo or a Google Logo today sorry. But I this what have is I have a ribbon that is from the US.  I'll put the ribbon on at the end of the post. I was sick yesterday but I feel so much better now. Soon, I will ask if can have a Custom YouTube Logo for my birthday. This will be a great summer. We're at the end of the year now. There is not gonna be YouTube Logo as a label for this post like the Mother's Day Post. I will also not put Google Logo as a label to. The greatest day ever. However we had a severe storm yesterday and the power flicker out twice yesterday. Thank you this post. I also put the ribbon inside the bottom. The ribbon is attached to the bottom of this post.

Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Himber is a fun building for playing. It is a big building. it entertains it is kinda like a tower. It can be a building for a city. Who would like to have fun a building called Himber? It can be a fun place to be. It can be built around town.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Rontanger is evovled from Broksnic. Rontanger has grew so many crystals on his back and some fires that started on him. But some of his powers were lost and gone forever. he now eats meat. Everyone has at 5:00 PM to get him to move so it can start to get power and make it float for the rest of the night and prevent power outages.


Evovled from Gramsik. More power Broksnic grows the more power it gets. He grew 2 More Candles after It evolved from Gramsik. It now grew wings to get purple fire to make gears move in a factory to make a great purple firey candle to make purple fire Animated.


A Purple glowing creature with purple fire in it. Gramsik is a shiny purple fire creature. It is all shiny and it glows in the dark. Sometimes everyone can light up a Gramsik to help everyone during Power outages or blackouts.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Note for Benjamin's Spore Page

Hi guys! Sorry to say this but I'm not posting anymore Google Logo Packs until June 1st. No mean or bad or rude comments everybody. But I hope there is gonna be a new Youtube Logo or Google Logo I hope please be one on Memorial DayPlease be one I really want a new Youtube Logo but soon I will post all of my Youtube Logos I made before my Birthday.

Thats all for the blog, I got to go thank you for visiting and Have fun I will be back.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Last Youtube Pack

Okay These are the last Youtube Logo Pack. Here is all 8 of them.

Okay Thats all of Them until there are new Youtube Logos coming out.

20 Youtube Logo Pack1

OK Tonight I'm posting new 20 Youtube Logos. so here is what they all look like.



Okay the second pack 8 More.

Note for Benjamin's Spore Page And Golden Youtube Logo Note

Sorry I did not post some Google Logos in morning and evening after a couple days. Beacuse They said Blogger was Blogger is currently unavailable
 You know I got the Golden Youtube off Google Images. Everytime I try to get they I have to get a Youtube account. So here I have the Golden Youtube Logo I will post more Google Logos tommorow. So here is the Golden Youtube logo.

That was the Golden Youtube Logo. Comment nicely about this post. No Mean or Bad comment.