Thursday, February 24, 2011

Note For Benjamin's Spore Page

OK I will be coming back posting Soon. Have you seen a Youtube Logo Like Valentines Day? I Love this Logo so please it can be any type of this type of Logo but here is the Logo.

But That means its a Valentines Day Youtube Logo. It remains Love for it. Any Type of Logo can be Found on February. And This Means I got a Half-Day At school Today. Are you Jealous? Maybe This Month You can get a Half-Day Today or Maybe I have a Half-Day Today.

 Types of it So anytype of Logo Like this make you want to Love Someone. So Any Kind of Contact I use for Collections of Google And Youtube Logos. By the way My Cousin Tyler was sick I Think it was 3 Days he was sick Recovering a Fever he had.

But One Time I have missed 1 Day of School. When I was sick a While ago I was Coughing,Sneezeing,Runny Nose,And A Sore Throat. One time at I like saw what happended It was Chips but the Nachos was in the Picutre and i Saved it Here what it looks Like.

Thank You Everyone For Looking at This Post.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Note For Benjamin's Spore Page

Of Any kind of thing. I know some people on XBOX360 don't say nice things but you know what i got a image of The Spore Not Responding. my Dad Just got me the Snag it To take Pictures any where on the computer. So Anything besides Microsoft. Can break any Viruses. So Can it be like this to take a picture google earth any type of this picture here it is.

A Index Would You know from anything Besides here is other Charts I got On Youtube the Other Day Before i copied it on my Folder Called Charts but right now i'm puting Chart 1 In Here. This Is My First One

Hope You Want the Snag it.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Note For Benjamin's Spore Page

Yesterday,  I called this Wednesday A Freak out Wednesday after Emma recorded me playing the Scary Maze Game so i was freaking out! Because that zombie looking picture popped up with a scream and please alot of games on and its really scary i get a little scared if i heard the noise so looking on it so Emma Posted the video on Facebook. well alot of Total Drama have been destroyed by it but any Super Bowl of the Green Bay Champions but I have seen a Logo Look like this one time and its like this.

Emma Posted a video of me Freaking out on Facebook any thing of my viewing on Football but i wanna learn I how to play football

Well any Blog can have a Great Time at the Super Bowl for the Green Bay Packers so will The Chicago Bears will do better next time...

So Looking at it cool will solve any kind of problem but if the Scray Maze Game would have the noise come up so some people might cry if they hear it for real but hoping My Filp of a Video of a Great Freak out yet on Facebook of any Issue for people that really want to see it!!

Thank You Emma For Posting The Video on Facebook.


Saturday, February 5, 2011


A Forest Creature. A Bright Green Carnivore Killer Bug. It can be treated as Spacebutted by UFOS in the wildfires in its home the wildfires give it home but can beat up fire and eat fire without getting burned a it can kill people but if people kill a Moniquk A Moniquk Rampage starts and Moniquks kill Animals This Creature needs To be Extint its dangerous and harmfull any type of the approite place to find food but These creatures can eat Spinach A Trap mouth is harmfull to kill other animals Carnivores Omnivores and All herbvores the same time if a Moniquk kills  something kill Moniquks Back.