Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The Kirgle Cell.This cell when it gets to creature stage evloves into Kirgle.his tentacles become legs so the fins became to it creature or something... the big filter mouth can be kind to others but hoping to nice this cell thinks its stupid be mean. these eyes will sense it to a Kirgle that eat meat.but never threatens others with a big plant eater.but when this cell is turning into a creature wants to keep this mouth forever in his face.but then evolves into Kirgle to cheer up this cell when it gets to creature stage,tribal stage,civilzation stage and space stage.but images for the kirgle before it gets a beak mouth and get a grin on him.
Kirgle Can care about his freinds when hes a early creature. evolving stages images:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tipped Bluster

A Religious Sea Bluster.The Seas can carry it into a christmasy and christmas color vehicle.The Raft In it can safe lifes but can be fun to go through big waves if it gets hit by fire or wave saves this vehicle ride and poeple and there stuff and food and anything in it.but hazardous seas can carry this mobile to a classic part of the seas.but it seems like a stew of steam as soon it will be a blaster.but icebergs carry it from the hydros and the plugs in the vehicle can be treated wrong as a protein as dead meat inside this vehicle.people and animals do not care if the vehicle can create a christmas by using religious power to make a christmas party in a planet that choosen that was choosen and then gets christmas for 5 weeks.that can be blasted from the vehicle.if it does'nt have a christmas tree it can be blasted in the sky in our home planet earth or another planet in space.

Friday, December 24, 2010


A Economic Rider. That Can Daredevil Races. for trading spice can increaseing power for the vehicle but the gun can shot and can take economic power from trading spice and trade routes.can make it rule all the economics for the civilzation that cared about traders but the mobile economic trader will be useing guns to roads but can be a economic taker for people to ride durning trade routes can speed will be raining on it if it gets struck by lighting and gets wet gets clean for more trade routes.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

E17707 (Creature Form)

This is what E17707 would look like as a spore creature! but the amor can help the creature attack best but its arms can sucker punch anything.but hope he can be lucky that can be powerfull when it sucker punches a creature that charged him.then strikes back by charging back.but his is stronger then anyone else's charge but hope it can back up fights that he is so powerful that he can't upset himself if one kill it gets upset.

Monday, December 20, 2010


The Grox airplane.this vehcile can go anywhere in the sky but the general parts of it can be blasting it but the wings can be a useable airplane the grox had but they can glow in the dark but the grox can keep flying this vehicle all day lond and all night long but this can fly in space but the part of it will be claiming military but the jets help it speed but the wings cause speed but the grox empire can fly this grox vehicle for the bullets but this vehcile in the air the hole time.

Oceanic Grox

A seas grox holds spice thats in water for the grox but the mobile vehcile like grox will be using this vehcile to claim spice thats in water with bullets but worries the enemy was going to be a light but the stars will be counted military power for this vehicle but the grox drive this in water as they think about it.

Grox Grumbler

A Grox Vehicle.A tank but the guns can attack but the grox drive this vehcile but they can be found in grox planets.But this Captures spice for the grox but to build his civilzation.but this vehcile sometime can claim spice for prehaps building civilzation.but they head to the citys where they belong to but the grox are to toxic put in your cargo hold.The Grox think about how much the love thry're spice if you steal one of them -100 in one steal.but that can be a military type vehicle.

Mr Collecter

This has collected everything witrh Sonake and thats his pet dragon.write a good and nice comment about this.but his toxics can steal stuff that burglars or theives stole but this creature is a theif but hopeing it can be a mean creature but the food he eats gives him sprint power and energy for his other attacks he can recharge fast if he eats food fruit and meatn and anything but he can get minnions to kill its foes attacking he in each battle.that will combat him.

Treasure Collecter

It collects treasure in temples and puts it to his nest and sleeps in it and even in temples Gold for his nest get his nest of collectables.but the tiny warts on him will be collecting treasure but its awsome and full of blue gold black and purple.Write a good comment about this.but this creature's jewels and warts are purple.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


A rock vehicle.a vehcile that has to silde to shot cannon rocks.but the guns will be pounding but any vehcile at the moment is they can be hit by this vehcile and issued for trade routes.senatov2s can be beeping everytime it attacks enemys but this message for this vehicle warnings watches and advisories. can be effected. but it can shrink people as possible by shoting lava rocks at enemy then it burns the enemy so the vehcile can turn fire ice water and rock and sand.


A Bully Creature.that can eat everything but its a pig but if its dead turns into can kill enemys.but if it eats foods eats it like a eats everything.the snoot for it can be have a hard head and a skull.but it can be caused injury if it hurts someone by a take down and a tackle.but it can sense it smell the sence of it but it can be sloppy.but it smells sweet sometime when it eats candy and sweets and cookies and including chocolate. and it can have a chocolate bar.but when it eats snacks breakfast lunch and dinner and dessert will eat it in 1 second.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

How To Mega Slam?

  • Step1:
  • Choose a building.
  • Step2:
  • Choose a Room and find a door.
  • Step3:
  • Now Knock on it.
  • Step4:
  • Go To the Door.
  • Step5:
  • Open The Door.
  • Step6:
  • Punch it and hit it hard.
  • Step7:
  • Open it it alway.
  • Step8:
  • Do not make noise!
  • Step9:
  • Then Slam it 3 4 or 5 Times with full blast really hard!
  • Then:

Spore Galactic Adventures

A Galactic Logo.but the movie one was hoped come out soon but this is the logo for it but it will rock its playable adventures but the movie one will save planets to playable adventures in the movie one, but it will respect the fun for everyone and spore players but it will cause fun for everything so the game will entertain spore players but that would be cool if there is a movie one.A galactic hero!But not just a hero its... SPORE GALACTIC ADVENTURES!!!! Create your own playable adventure but turn creatures to giant creatures!Giant Creatures to giant creatures to giant Choas.


A Spore Logo. of the game but the logo is normal spore but its the awsome spore logo.for movies and videos and games for the logo on it.

Mobile Tour Intureders

A Apartment that is 50 stories high but they're 1000 rooms in that apartment its a big building and it can be good for down town but the hole part of it is if something gets in it will be chosen somewhere in storage but to find your room look at a card but to remember your room number where you live but this is like a hotel but there are chances to build houses buy it never gets washed away.but if something is in there nothing gets washed away but makes a tornado or tsunami shelter and all kinds of shelters but its all weather shelters. but makes the tsunami slow and gives 5 hours to pack up if everybody is done packing there stuff and move here makes them move there.but this building is worm and cozy.and has a swimming pool.

Invastion Ghost Pod

A Evil Invastioner.this thing in the air and ally tornadoes in the air. but mushroom clouds will come up if this gets destroyed a mushroom comes up put the vehcile near but bullets will be retired will be caught by a enemy tri attacker will be a bullet enemy a glow port.

Invastion Pod Walker

A nature Effect Evil weapon. can be related to enemys to make a tri attacker but can be a bullet gation will make evil invastion be alert but thw watches for them will be shoting bullets to attack incoming fun events.


A Space Weaponed Can have will be able to avoid enemy ships attacking it but it can hit tornadoes with bullets without getting blowin by a enemy but it can look at in this enemy but the enemy would not attack it but can build enough power to destroy tornadoes and tsunamis and it can shot tsunamis with bullets without getting washed away but this can swim in water but the slat will make it turn flavors will make it glow in the dark but the grade level of the ship and the parts of it will build investigation.


A Baby Creature. Thats First Born. That can be injured by fire.but this is just a baby Leafel but its tentacles will be a hurtful dietrap but will be a fin leg and a regular leg.but it will be a baby of the Leafel Empire.but this creature will be a grassy meadow but the meadows inside it but the plants have toxic but the crystals will have a electric bump but that will have awsome 40 massive damage thunderstorms will be turned into tornadoes but makes them 40 days tgo make the electric bump be a awsome a 40 day storm and a 40 day flood.


He Will get his revenge on his enemy attackers.but this creature lived before 1891 but he passed away but he died in 1993. but he will be brought back to life but this creature will be raining leafes but a pretty leaf dragon but had life but the claws. he will be a life of fire and burned grass. but the burned parts will be attacking everything but it can submit flames but it likes water but hates lighting. but when the fires get sparked by lighting will be 8000 fires will be a chance to create wildfires but wildlife will make him live in 3 more years but wildlife but will be a life but his revenge we get to eat meat but burned by life but makes volcanos make a lava rain cloud and then he starts rain made out of lava.

Electric Eal

A Electric Eal that can attack foes by electrical part's.but its tentacles will be moveable but it passed away.this cell died in 1995 So Jumps a foe by a real hoilday for himself he can make christmas underweater for 5 years.but the eal can be attackful on the gross of under the gossip lakes and oceans will be a liveable creature.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cushion Saucer

A mobile Spaceship. that can launch Rockets and it talks. when trade routes are ready lquid comes outta of it. but it can go over water and glow but it will show any attacking spaceships and turrets its very editable for liquid use water to the liquid out. before it catchs fire.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Silverchaos (Creature Form)

A Choas Creature.My buddy looks like this as as a spore creature. isn't it cool? but it will be hurtful but make a mean thing to nice but you know what?A Bug That will look as nice but it really catch Choas to battlefields but this incredible creature is formed as a Bug.but the claws can claw him outta the battlefield but it can be a bug predator.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


A Carnvious and Killer Wingless Triple head Eagle. that can be fury but it will have its spikers open a spit expolsion. but it can kick very good. but it can make a mishap about Gasoline. but it eats everything but to kill the Balmainga. Hit him stomp him do painful moves to hurt him. once this creatures dead its extinet. it can be a littile gossip. but when its killed evolved into a strudy giant piece of bread.but it can be a giant jumper and less Socializing.


A Imposible Vehicle.that has emeralds and jewlery. but this can fly very good but the wings help it fly.a family Cockpits but the wheels have to kung-fu other any enemy. unlike any creature like Chibulah can be hurtful if its attacked.the wings are shaped can fly how is that possible? but it will be able to go on citys to get 600 people in here.


This creature can be painful. but its cute but can be freindly but the spikes kinda hurt.this creature is made by my sister. isn't he cute? but it eats fruit and plants. but it can eat the fruits and the juices on the fruit.but sucks the juice from the fruit.then he eats the fruit that has its juice driken but it can't be anything like it but this creature.she does'not care.

Night Lighter Dixie

A air vehcile Dixie. but the parts that help it glow in the dark can attack on sight.vehciles that attack it when it's not freindly hostile annoyed freindly and allied can attack back with 60 with those vehciles but Diva Dixie can ride this device. but it can respect winds.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sea Swimmer Dixie

A Macho Sea Vehicle that looks like My dog Dixie. but the sail can prevent diffrent trys. but it attacks a tri-horn. but the part it sails with and it can be glow in the dark.but it can advoid marine hazards. but the royal parts of it. can have used its gun to make it see in the dark but it will have its ears down and also can make the shadows light as can respect it can attack bullies.and it can be in the sea during the day everyday.

Clam City

A song that will be alot of tons of fun. but listen to this at night but also it can have a lot of music but soon i'll build one of my empire's music video. but is'nt it cool? but it will be Local on this music but the guitar but on this but if music video is done it will be posted on my blog but its going to be fun.


A Big Moster Creature. A creature known as a bully but the Old old parts of it slam and push tsunamis by jumping a samsh but this creature eats alot and eats fast.but his enemy's will Attack him but people call him Pathetic.beacuse he is a killer of people and animals people that eat real animal gets killed but this creature kills everything so he is so pathetic at killing. do you think so? but he is a killer.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


My Dog Dixie as a spore creature.

Robo Dixie

A Toyed Dixie that can attack its enemys.Dixie Is my dog.but it will title its A big vehicle that can ride up 250 People but the wheels will dig and the sirens make all buildings Go underground if something a building a vehcile or someones stuff gets hit by the tail will be safe from tornadoes tsunamis and anything goes underground for shelter but people can get hit to and go under with theres.


A Vehcile can drive and walk and can dig underground on the dirt so it can kill its self not hurting other things that are not going to kill so if it digs it will be steamy.steam will come out of the vehcile. so it can build its not going to be such a killer.

Boxen Tank

A Tank For Boxing. but it can start fights by doing a boxing club by surving food for ball games but if there is a funnel cloud Pops up the Tank Starts attacking its enemys but this tankattacks its own enemys but they might last. like for its 24 hours but it attacks 40 days in a row one of those builds can be fear full but it can go in water for swimming for everyone whos in the Tank.  

Stambella (Space Form)

A Creature that is in space but the beam helmet can since its radios can be warned for weather alerts but the radios on it can glow in the dark.since it's parts are all hard as a rock and as a stone.

Stambella (Nation Form)

A Very Carefull nation creature but it treats people and animals and everything freindly and nice but its frendily but he can be presindent of the king and Hard as a rock. But It can help itself! do you think? but its can will have its self inneeded...


A Creature Hard As Rock. A Washed Moist Rock and its legs have to have the most maddist creature the worst part is... it can be a killer and prevent breatheing and heart stops beating for 70 seconds so it can be afraid of earthquakes beacuse Earthquakes Kill These Rock Creatures can be prevented from turning out dangerous so it can live in volcanoes and have to cut itself awsome attacks and get a good grip on himself.

Stambella (Tribe Form)

A Defenceive Bull Tribe that has been Hoboed All day but they build there villages in Its Nests its Grassy Villlages burried in mounts of rocks so volcanos can make lava and fires help the tribe get food. so it can dig others so it will be hurtful and scray to any thing to set its nest on fire to a village.

Hacked Spore Creature In Nation Creator?!?

a hacked spore video so the spore DVD Will Be Uploaded to A creature Named Pechams a hacked cell creature so its attacks will attack itself.  so they think it water to make water for the cell looking for trouble so the enemy does not attack him he's safe.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Xaviner (1)

The First Ever Xaviner Evovled. write a good comment on all of them. The but this purple and pink are crazy cats. There Trying To Jump To a like a Fernikki but Fernikki's like to jam Xaviners! to destroy so these creatures are trying to kill them. so kill these Fernikki's that are trying to eat there babies. so if there they don't hatch so Xaviners and You Must kill Fernikki's. that are coming outta trees mountains volcanoes water and nest so the Xaviner Must Destroy and Kill Fernikki's. Beacuse all of these Fernikki's are trying to eat Xaviner's Babies. A Fernikki is mean.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Videos mocked

On youtube some users they mock there videos By A EAS how do i do it?

Write a Good Comment about it and please tell me by commenting a good comment on it type how i do it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gunfire Turret

A turret gun. that can hurt hitting then makes them hit them back a big massive gunfire that can shot rocks and coal into little peaces and shot naughty list to a massive battlefield so massive fires get shot by lighting it can be a evil turret and the blue thunder strucks the turret for 40 years before a gun fire pops out of the guns and unpluged wires.