Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Connection Problem Tuesday Morning And The Stormy Monday Night and Waterday Encounter

The Storm was scray last night. I was really scared last night. you what that means? But I now just ignored it. And I have found a new Youtube Logo Today. Heres what it looks like.

it was Waterday. You never heard of it? Well you just go on http://www.google.com/ or http://www.ask.com/ to know what Waterday is. If you want to learn how videos go on http://www.youtube.com/ But Tornado Sirens test every Tuesday I think. But hoping any progress will have a comment will be in the list can have Declined power cause it. Will if I did have a habbit of fighting and a Storm occuring at Geveva,IL Like I think 11:00 P.M. but To hope that we don't get anymore Thunderstorms this week. I hope we don't get anymore thunderstorms until April 10TH I think I could have a common like this maybe a deadly thunderstorm will occur like that. But I can't wait for the summer and to be in 7TH Grade.

Thats today's Annocement.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Note for Benjamin's Spore Page

I'm going to Disney world this year at Florida so that means its really fun. I go every year. But I'm going Saturday Morning. but you know what? I found a new Youtube Logo heres what it looks like.

This means I'm going over Spring Break but I hope I find all of the Youtube Logos and bring them here.

By the time its March 23rd I'm playing Spore again and starting to post somemore. But hoping it might be a really fun time to find travel and hoping to find more new Youtube and Google Logos but that means as soon I travel To Disney World its a really fun. This is my todays chart and its like Dark Green

I think thats my today's Chart but hoping a fun thing like this looks really good to be a new collectable I think I'm Starting.

This is my best funny error message I made its asking if you want a piece of cake but you can't say yes heres ehat it looks like.

You have to press Ignore on it so I'm not posting until next weekend so please comment this post to make the error messages heres the website

So Enjoy this post.


Friday, March 18, 2011


A Terror Creature. With Scray Horror home of Efgeskipolis. Planets they live in Earth,Mars,Venus,Mercury,Saturn, And Jupiter. Efgeskipolis are mostly likey deadly and live in hot and cold places A lucky like creature loves collecting Ashes for its nest so it can be a Ash collecter.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


A Vehicle with guns. The guns can make it move faster is a Midlife Car can help make a 10 People Vehicle. common on the vehicle has sense of gas in it if they have like 1000 Pounds of gas causes the vehicle to catch fire. So People get the gas out is with water so the vehicle can get more gas in it so this vehicle is like a tank. its like alot of guns in order to crash others and destroy others with shotting machine guns. This vehicle called CDI-234 Will be like shotting randomly or in battles.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Note For Benjamin's Spore Page

Yesterday It Was Emma's 15 Birthday. So you need to comment a nice and respectful comment about that. But you know what? Right nlow I have 5 Google Logos I want to use from my collection. So here are all 5 of them but I will post more of them later.



Thats What I Really want to use right now. So yesterday I had a really really nice party with my sister. So one time I found a New Google Logo here what it looks like.

I had Tacos for dinner last night. And Chocolate Cake for desert so I had a great time with my sister Emma.



A Life Creature That can make Extinct Animals come back to like and make them unextinct and come back to life. Some people wish this freindly creature is real. He is a freindly creature which cares about everything and likes everything. They can make fun to play and does not kill anything. so this creature named Torsioanamapolis should be a real creature. But that would be cool and make like 2000 of those Extinct animals come back to life. of a common and a Torsioanamapolis can get babies after making Extinct animals come back to Earth. That can save Sentry guns and everything in the world.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The Red Creature Bug. A creature that can go nuts over people for weapon can help a shine over the creature. Causes the creature to blow up can cause throwing pieces of newspapper at him and all pieces go oon him and BarBarCas Expoldes. it can contain death to everything including people and animals and everything.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Note For Benjamin's Spore Page and My Greatist Week Note

Sorry guys and i Had a really good Tuesday, I'l' Get Back To posting from Spore on Friday. to let you know 2 Days ago was the first day of march so school is almost over. Spring Break is coming soon. To know that I had ISATS But I'm Done with my ISATS and finally finshed it so I'm getting good grades. So I found this book called GWR Gamer's Editon 2011 and this is the book and here is what it looks like.

Like alot of Kids in Study Hall were looking at the book that was the greatist Tuesday ever! That was a fun Tuesday for me just say my week was great so any kind of it will film so any chance its such a Lucky Lucky Lucky Great Great Fun Week. So I have found a New Youtube Logo Heres what it looks Like.

Thats A Pretty Great Logo so this is the greatist week ever. and Thrusday was lucky to. Today I saw Toy Story 3 with my friends and I tried Laptops and ate Cookies that is quite a Fun Week for me. and Guess what? I Made the Honor Rool!

So That I made the Honor Roll and get really really really great grades that was a fun week.