Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bisque Celestial

A Desert Vehicle. A Vehicle that Bisque can turn it the greatist famous vehicle as possible that carry flames into the vehicle a goon can drive the sandstorn a sandy ball of dust of water increase moisture during a dry days for wildfires and red flag warnings as possible.a turn in burning buildings into water so that possible giant bolt in the wheel can make big tires so zippers can turn this possible desert vehicle and its only a dry vehicle that can make the vehicle die bisque tri-tires the second time gets in a building and makes water for people creatures and there pets and dogs will be able to survive this mobile vehicle back to make snow in deserts with a Bisque Celestial.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Glaze (Second Evolved Form)

A Second Evovled Glaze.A Glaze that was grown and soon all grown up.a spike that he lost his old poison weapon.Red flags can be possible for them. But isn't awsome that it can evolve into diffrent form? but the beef jerky he has it can be impossible health so it can be a little big helper but soon on his enemys that can't be a Quzi and A Brox.


A Possible Creature. Possible Golf-Ball-Size-Hail come raining on him but hes a survivor as possible golf ball sized hail to make a Mountain full of ice fire and avalanches or something... but can be a mega killer but to kill a Glaze get a gun then break his spike jet and his parts and hurt his eye ball and twist his mouth then hit him with hammer or a bat then its dead.but Glaze is a giant killer.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


A Mounted Cell.with a scary moan on him.but a grin can do something if it gets nervous they can cause death.but Hazardous seas it can the mountain cell cause a Avalanche but it can sting it as a enemy fighter to make that yellow and orange.Volcanos can be cooled by a Vrisspenquin but Zurb attacks the cell can cause A Massive Avalanche and a fire in the mountains and canyons to not be be over with so people and animals are scared of Vrisspenquin's. Massive Mounts of any falling rocks or nuts but they can swim a islands by being attacked by a Vrisspenquin.if it can disagree with others so then it gets upset when a tsunami comes 100,000,000 Vrisspenquins die.